Welcome to Wallowa, Oregon

Wallowa is the service hub of the lower valley, and the first main town you reach as you enter the valley from La Grande. As such, Wallowa acts as the gateway to the county and because of the distance to Enterprise (18 mi) has most of the every-day basic services.  Wallowa’s Main Street is small but lively.
The center of the community is Wallowa’s award-winning schools, with K-12 located right on Main Street. The community rallies around its Cougars for sporting events, even traveling out of the area to support its teams in district and state play-off games.
The climate is dryer and warmer then most of the valley, affording a month longer growing season.
Market conditions:  Wallowa offers a variety of housing options, more affordable than Joseph and Enterprise, especially if you are looking for acreage.  Residential housing in town offers a wide variety of prices and styles of homes.
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2006 Population: 803

Elevation: 2948 feet

January Avg Temp:
High/Low: 33/19

August Avg Temp:
High/Low: 86/45

Annual Precipitation: 17.4